15 Slammin’ Secrets of Save the Last Dance

15 Slammin' Secrets of Save the Last Dance

But the release of MTV Films gave us plenty of dance numbers to dance to for hours, a solid soundtrack.rose“You make me sick,” Snowflake“You can do this,” Kashmir Ci And JoJo“Crazy”) and valuable lessons we should not leave our s – t on the floor.

Also, it introduced the world to an unknown Kerry washington As Derek’s sister Chenille, who challenged Sarah when she boldly rejected any mention of her inherent white privilege by declaring, “There is only one world, Chenille.” Uhhhh… as Chenille said, “That’s what they teach you. We know differently.”

Hence there are parts which are still maligned ‘.

And with the 20th anniversary on us on January 12, we’re ready to dust off our best STEPPS-worthy moves and dance in circles. Maybe around you. Here’s everything you might have forgotten about the 2001 flick.

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