15 Downton Abbey Secrets Revealed

15 Downton Abbey Secrets Revealed

11. Although Lady Edith Crowley played her breakout role, Laura Carmichael Almost did not attend her audition for the series.

Because she was acting in the making of Shakespeare’s tour twelfth Night, Admitted to Carmichael Tribune News Service, “I thought it might be ‘yes, milking’, half-day filming, a line. Maybe, but it would be nice to have your CV on your CV. And I thought, ‘I’m in this TV Shakespeare is going to reject this dream for a job. What a disaster! ‘

12. In 2012, Gillian Anderson It was revealed that she had turned down the part of Cora Crowley, with Elizabeth McGovern eventually playing Doughton’s American heiress — the Countess of Grantham.

13. Copy Vanity Fair, Queen Elizabeth II The show was a huge fan and he used to check it for entertainment. “She likes to make mistakes,” At Home claimed with Queen writer Brian Hoe The people. Prince William also admitted to watching the series, according to The Star Alan leach.

“I shook his hand and he actually said, ‘I’m a big fan of the show, only now when my wife’s baby was born,” he said See what happens live in 2013. “Obviously they got very little time, so [Kate]He is watching her. ‘You’re going to watch it with me!’

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