15 of The Best 14-Year-Old Boy Haircuts – Clear Tips

14 years is the age when young boys become very conscious of their looks. They push the limits and opt for different hairstyles to set themselves apart from their peers. Although it is important for a 14-year-old lad to make a style statement there is no need to go crazy with your hair. We have coined 15 of the best haircut ideas that will satisfy any teenage boy’s need of looking stylish.


Fantastic Haircuts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Want to find a hairstyle that suits your personality? Scroll through the following hairstyles inspiring boys to style their hair regardless of being long, short, straight, curly, or wavy.

1. Wispy Bangs + Undercut

14 year old boy's bangs

Many boys have silky fine strands that need to be styled carefully. A simple look to go for is the one with a neat undercut along the sides and a longer top brushed forward to achieve wispy bangs on the forehead. A hand-tousle is enough to style the hair.


2. Blonde Layers

side part hairstyle for 14 year olds

This 14-year-old boy haircut can be easily copied by those wishing for long hair. Grow out the mane and ask the hairstylist for a medium-length haircut with a lot of layering. Although the side-swept blonde strands look incredible, this look will stand out with any hair shade.


3. Classic Pompadour

quiff for 14 year old boys

Referring to the young gentlemen out there a simple pompadour hair look is classy and never goes out of style. The sides are nicely trimmed with a few inches longer top combed back to one side for a neat appeal.


4. Boy’s Ponytail

14 year old boy with ponytail

Want to rock something more rebellious? Have a long at this punk hairstyle with evenly buzzed sides and long strands on the top reaching the neck. Tie the long hair in a ponytail at the back to complete the look.


5. French Crop

spiky hairstyle for 14 year old boys

The French crop features neatly clipped sides contrasting with a slightly longer top that is textured and side-swept. This style has a sharp finish and is ideal for the boys looking for a haircut that is effortless to maintain.


6. Highlighted Afro Curls

afro haircut for 14 year old boys

Long afro curls look equally stunning when chopped short. The sides are subtly faded with the top strands coiling in all directions. Level up this fun look for mixed boys by dying the top curls in a soft blonde hue contrasting with the base color.


7. Sleek Bob

haircut for Asian 14 year old boys

Against the common perception, boys can rock a sleek bob haircut too. It does not occur often which makes it unique. The fine straight hair is cut into a rounded bob with a layered face-framing fringe. This is an incredible haircut idea for 14-year-old Asian boys.   


8. Spiked Up Front

boy's pomp for 14 year olds

Spikes are the all-time favorite of young lads while growing up. Instead of going crazy with them, wear them more gently. The side and back are trimmed to keep the attention on the side-swept long top. Spike up the front to finish off the look. You can also get inspired by these school boy hairstyles.


9. Keep It Carefree

14 year old teen boy with wavy top hair

Curly locks can be difficult to manage at times. Don’t stress any further and cut them short on the top and slightly shorter on the sides. Brush through them with your fingers and leave the rest to the natural curls.


10. Cornrows

braids for 14 year old boys

Another way to tame long curly strands is by styling them in cornrows. The buzzed sides accentuate the longer top which is braided down and pinned at the back into a mini bun. Subtle blonde highlights enhance this bold look.  


11. Mullet Haircut

mullet haircut for 14 year old boys

The iconic haircut from the 70’s is not for the faint-hearted. Young boys can wear this toned-down version of the mullet haircut. The sides are short and textured similar to the top that covers a part of the forehead. The longer back sways just above the shoulders.   


12. Chic Comb-Over

undercut for 14 year old boys

A simple comb-over is another incredible haircut for 14-year-olds. It is chic and timeless. Boys who like to keep it neat and tidy trim the sides and back exposing the skin with a long layered top that is combed over for a dapper finish.


13. Tousled Curls

14 year old boy's curly hair

In the case of curls the messier it gets the better it looks. Grow out your curls and chop them off evenly all over the head except the front side-swept fringe which is kept longer to graze the eyebrows. Blonde babylights set off the style.


14. Curtain Haircut

14 year old boy with curtain hair

This curtain haircut is characterized by a middle-parted fringe that gets longer reaching the back and is paired with an undercut. The look is ideal for guys with wavy hair who want a striking appearance. Add a touch of blonde at the front to copy the style completely.


15. Messy Shag

14 year old boy's haircut

A shaggy haircut is perfect for thick wavy strands and is achieved with a lot of layers adding extra volume. This popular style is attractive yet easy to maintain. The thick layers falling on the forehead will look cute on any 14 year old boy’s face. 


Being in your early teenage years this is the time to experiment with different haircuts. Whatever kind of hairstyle you are looking for we are sure you have gotten inspiration from the ones included above. So what are you waiting for? Select the one that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable and give it a go.


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