13 Secrets Revealed About Netflix’s Dating Around

Five blind dates. A second date.

This is simple but compelling foundation Dating around, The original reality dating series of Netflix. whereas love is blind And Very difficult Can make a big splash with its first season earlier this year, Dating around, Which just dropped its second season, was actually the streaming giant’s first debut in the genre and may be the most reality show on TV.

Each episode features a lead drafter who goes on a five blind date on Groundhog Day: almost everything is the same (clothes, hair, restaurants, atmosphere), except for the person they are on a date with Dating around Original editing of five dates to come together.

It is a fascinating social experiment that represents all kinds of dating-seasons. Leonard Was a senior citizen and the show’s first bisexual lead character in season two, Deva-And for some super-related and super-aware moments.

But how real is the show? And how did they cast lead dates as well as blind dates?

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