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10 Best Excalibur Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! | Tips Clear

Confused over Excalibur ideas? Scroll down to get ten amazing handpicked Excalibur tattoo ideas and choose your favourite Excalibur design.

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Like any other mythical weapon, Excalibur enjoys towering popularity in the tattoo industry.

According to Arthurian legend Excalibur is the mystical sword pulled out of a stone by Arthur, who became the King of England. It was said that only a true king could pull out this magical sword.

Right from the beginning of the British empire, this legend gained immense popularity and when tattoos became popular fashion choices, Excalibur found its way to the heart of the tattoo enthusiasts in no time. The great tattoo is a symbol of British sovereignty and has become a symbol of power and leadership over the years. The Excalibur and its legend are popular in many other regions under different names with few variations. Move over the old fashion statements of getting your nose pierced or any other body part for that matter and get yourself inked with holy sword tattoos.

Basic Excalibur Tattoo Forearm

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The first design to top this sword list has to be the basic Excalibur tattoo. The sword itself fits in the definition of power and needs no added accessories to heighten its value. This one fits perfectly on the forearms with its bare minimum shading. The artist has drawn grey shading only on one side that clearly denotes the sharpness of the mighty weapon keeping the entire sketch a basic outline work. The circle here used is the only element to add extra valour to King Arthur’s sword. Your cool attitude is bound to get spiced up with this one.

Dynamic Greyscale Excalibur Side Tattoo

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The symbol of British sovereignty that brings out the vibe of supreme power is exactly what one can get on their bodies to show off their attitude. This particular tattoo clearly shows off the owner’s admiration for British royalty. Note the minute detailing in the sword with its bold and fine designs, especially on the crossguard. The British crown beneath the sword marks the symbol of the empire. The leaves add more aesthetic value to this powerful tattoo. You can also get this one done on the middle of your back by enlarging its shape.

Simple ‘Holding The Excalibur’ Tattoo

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Who said Excalibur can only be a men’s tattoo? The sign of power is universal for everyone. According to Robert de Boron’s ‘Merlin’, it was only King Arthur who could hold the weight of that magical sword. This tattoo tells the myth of King Arthur’s lifting up the sword from Avalon Lake and the hand is that of the King’s. Simple linework with fine lines is enough to get this tattoo done. The excellent curved strokes on the blade spice up the tattoo game.

Cute And Colourful Excalibur Leg Tattoo

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Move over the monochrome design and pin your attention on this colourful presentation. That bright blue colour is the ultimate game-changer. The inclusion of white, yellow and green tint prevents the tattoo from being the conventional boring Excalibur. The crisscross pattern in the grip could not have been so bright and illuminating if any colour other than green were used here. The white hue does complete justice to give a shiny look. A bold black outline is a must to hold all these bright colours in place. The strings with lines and dots draw extra attention towards it. This can be done on your wrist or above your elbow. But neck might not be a good option for this particular design.

Flaming Excalibur Forearm Tattoo via Instagram

This one is definitely not your typical Excalibur sword. Among the other flaming Excalibur sword tattoo designs, this one stands out for its unusual rough structure. The sword is seen divided vertically into two equal parts and different flames are emitting out of it. The artist left no scope in delivering colours to make it the brightest Excalibur you will ever see elsewhere. Bright pink and bright yellow together make the perfect pair catching eyes. The flames represent the magical power of the sword that can be both soothing and terrifying.

Massive ‘Excalibur In Avalon’ Back Tattoo

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Water bubbles never fail in giving tattoos an extra elevated look. Look at this holy sword grabbing the attention of the tattoo admirers. This long sword in an all-black outline with almost zero shading is the best choice for your back game. The dot work is quite noteworthy in this plain yet catchy body art. The aquatic plants and the bubbles together give the perfect underwater look to the sword. The letters on the blade might stand for any hidden connotations. Move over your boyfriends’ tattoo and get your very own!

Minimalistic Magical Excalibur Tattoo

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Can you not see the magic happening there? Oh! you definitely can. Minimalism is the magic here. Add this to your body alongside a ring pierced into your nose to get a cool Boho look. This holy sword Excalibur tattoo is the result of minimal effort from the artist although a lot of control is required to get it right. A fine outline and some dots did all the task of inking. The dots create a magical aura and are symbolic of a healed soul.

Enormous Crown And Sword Excalibur Tattoo Arm

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Not everyone looks for a cute or minimal tattoo and we do agree with that. This great tattoo stands for the robust sign of strong masculinity. The contradictory shiny white dots on the crown and the sword grip balance the all-black appearance of the tattoo. Note the combined usage of the bold and fine lines along with the dots all over the sleeve. The dots surrounding the plain outline make the moon more illuminating. The comparatively light grey shading on the blade and on the grip bring more texture to it. Don’t ignore secret mole tattoos that are scattered all over it. Such fate Excalibur tattoo distinctly shows how this sword healed the British empire from its ‘lack of leader’ condition and looks best on sturdy bodies. This sleeve tattoo can also be adorned as a back tattoo. The flames and the thorny bondage fit in the sketch quite perfectly.

Mythical Sword Thigh Tattoo

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To get the Excalibur done on thighs itself is a unique idea. And if it’s not just a sword tattoo that can meet your demand, draw beautiful scenery and a mirror frame around it. It is needless to mention how such frames are capable enough in giving tattoos their desired vintage looks. The complex leafy motif on the frame and the overall light yet clear shading are exactly what to keep the myth of King Arthur alive. The contrasting portrayal of dark and light shading in the distant trees and clouds respectively showcase the artistic skill of the artist. Girlfriends o twin with your boyfriends’ tattoo with this one.

Extensive Black Excalibur Forearm Tattoo


The last one in this list is a secret tip to hide your freckles and scars besides giving yourself a bold look permanently. Tattoo maniacs go crazy over such dark tattoo ideas and if you are one of them, then this should be your best pick. The owner is clearly not interested in anything subtle but the robust sign of power and strength. Though a completely dark look has been given to it, it does not fit in the usual category of all black tattoos. The signature design on the grip is prominently distinguished and so is the design in the blade. This tattoo will go best with your quirky Gothic look.

A sign of courage, immense strength and valour, the mythical sword is sure to tick all the right boxes with tattoo buffs looking for a sword tattoo but with added meaning. For added reference, you can get an Excalibur tattoo movie-inspired and see your friends go ga-ga over it.

Here are some suggestions for you before you browse ‘Excalibur sword art online tattoo’. Happy inking!

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